Frequently Asked Questions

'Shakdwipi Matrimonial Services' has been launched under the brand name 'Shakdwipiya Matrimony'. It is a matrimonial site dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of Shakdwipiya Brahmin community exclusively.

Presently, it is absolutely free for all its members, providing free services even on it's Premium Plans.

Any member of Shakdwipiya Community, who registers for matrimonial services at this site, is admitted as a free member. He is upgraded or upgrades himself subsequently to any of the premium plans as per his requirement. Presently all the premium plans are FREE and planned to be kept free for six months i.e. up to 31 Jul 2019 as a philanthropic measure. Subsequently, a decision will be taken regarding charging a premium fee for the services provided, after the due date.

At this website, we also post ourselves, profiles of our Shakdwipiya brethren, who have contacted or posted in any of the peer platforms like facebook matrimonial groups and WhatsApp groups. The sole aim of such exercise is to maximize the probability of finding a suitable match for our community members by offering our services free of cost to them as a social service initiative.

So, friends, every one of you should utilize and extend their hands to our philanthropic cause for the betterment of the community.

Remember the more you visit this site, and the more you try to explore different functionalities, the more you will be acquainted and comfortable in the prospect search. The system at first instance may look a bit techie, but once you try it, it is very comfortable and easy to operate.

So members, join us and fulfill your social obligations. Thanks.

Jay Bhaskar !!

For registration, you can observe the following steps:-

1. Go to 'Shakdwipiya Matrimonial Services' either from and clicking over the 'MATRIMONY' button or directly from URL from your browser.

2. On 'Shakdwipiya Matrimony' Home page scroll down to 'Shakdwipi Matrimonial Services' section and click on the 'Register Now' button. You will be taken to a Registration Form.

3. In registration form please fill up your relevant data, tick on the 'I am not a robot' option on Captcha and click on 'Register' button. You will be taken to the Login form.

4. Please save your 'User name' and the 'Password' in a safe place for any future requirements.

5. Please fill up your registered user name and the password for login. Click on the Login button.

6. You will be redirected to the 'Shakdwipiya Matrimony' Home page with you been a loged in user. You can see your 'user name and profile picture' at the top right side just left to 'Log Out' button.

7. You must click over your 'user name' or the 'profile picture' and go to 'Profile Information' page to fill up your detailed profile.

8. Please fill up your detailed information as much as possible to you. It will help you immensely in your search for a suitable prospect.

9. Please provide a good profile fronted picture and at least 2-3 gallery photographs for a viable search.

10. Automated E-mails and SMS will be sent to you by the system during your all these activities.

Adequate security measures have been taken at this matrimony site, therefore any advanced search for a prospect is available to only registered users. Security checks are always done by the in-built system during the registration process of these users.

For searching your prospect two types of search options are available.

(i) Normal Search (ii) Advanced Search

(i) Normal Search: For a normal search, you need not be a registered user of this matrimonial site. On visiting the home page of the site, you will be presented with a small form at the slider. You can use it to find some general information or to have a feel about this site, as what this site can do for in your matchmaking search.

(ii) Advanced Search: It is available to only the registered users. Please observe the following steps:-

(a) On the 'HOME' page, please click on 'ACTIVE MEMBERS' button, select 'All Members' and click over it. You will be taken to an 'Advanced Search' and 'Active Members' page.

(b) You can have a look into the 'Active Members' list and shortlist the desired prospect for any future contact. You can also use the 'Advanced Search' form to narrow down your selection and find a suitable prospect.

(c) Try to select at least 4-5 suitable prospect for the desired matchmaking.

(d) Go to the Profile Information page of the selected prospect and mark them by clicking over the 'Shortlist' and 'Follow' buttons, which are available on the left pane of the profile picture.

(e) You can 'Express interest' in your prospect by sending a message to him or her. You can also 'Enable messaging' so that your prospect can communicate to you directly.

(f) You also have the facility to 'Ignore' or 'Report profile' if you ever feel not to have any communication link with a prospect.

(g) In case of any misutilization of services by anyone, acts of harassment, misadventurism etc. always report the matter to the management using the contact form or the telephone.

Gotra or PUR information can be entered in 'Ethnicity' column of 'Spiritual And Social Background' heading of your 'Profile Information' update form.

Please login to your account, click over your user name or profile picture at top right side of the 'Shakdwipi Matrimony' Home page and go to Profile Information Page.

Here you can scroll down to reach to ' Spiritual And Social Background' option and enter your Gotra/ PUR related information in 'Ethnicity' column.

This is a very typical question. However, with our experience, We have found that those members, whose profile is exhaustive and who have put up detailed information in their Introduction column are more likely to get prompt proposals from suitable prospects.

Remember, When someone is searching your profile, they have initial access to your Basic Information and Introduction data only in the first instance. So, please provide Very detailed Introduction about yourself.

Wish You all the best.

1. To change your E-mail and the password, you must first log in to your account.
2. Click on your Name (Left side of the 'Log Out' button on top right side).
3. Look into the Basic Information section. From their change your E-mail ID.
4. To change the password, look at the left side of the pane. Just above the 'Close Account' button, there is an option to change the password.

Wish you all the best.

The system is customized to upload the pictures of sizes 400x400 or 389x400 pixels. only. Please stick to pictures of these sizes.

Make your profile appealing and interesting. Write in detail in Introduction column and at last line insert your mobile number to communicate.

Profile photos are a very important part of any matrimonial search. Insert a good profile photo and upload a few other photos in your gallery to highlight your profile.

Do not hesitate to make first moves. Who knows your destiny must be knocking at your door to get engaged.

Always respond to received calls and messages from different prospects. Don't get dejected on any rejections.

When you find a few suitable prospects or when someone calls upon you, try to follow a few important tips to make your search fruitful.

Always be courteous and be prompt in responding through telephonic calls, SMS or E-mails as desired.

If it is possible and convenient, try to meet your prospects and have a face to face discussions at a common agreeable place.

Always inform your family members or your trusted friends, when you go for such meets.

Always be presentable and firm with politeness in your discourse. Try to gather as much information about the prospect as possible and verify it from your sources.

It is not a bad idea to hire some investigative agencies to find out and verify the details of your prospect.

It is always good to meet people belonging to the same community. Use the opportunity to enhance your social bonds.

If you have lost your password, it can not be recovered. However, it will be reset and you can allot a new password to the login profile.

To reset the password, follow the following steps:-

1. Click on the Login button.

2. On 'Log in to Your Account' window, click on 'Recover Password' option.

3. Enter your E-mail and Click on Submit button.

4. An E-mail will be sent to your entered E-mail containing your new system-generated password.

5. You can use this password and login to your account. If you want your own password, then you can change the system-generated password with your own.

We always strive to give a secure environment to our members and ensure that particularly our female members feel safe and secure at this site.

We have opened a Shakdwipiya Matrimony WhatsApp group, where members often interact with each other. In case any of you face any undesirable experience, you can share the same on the WhatsApp group for information to all other members also so that all are well informed. We are surely going to take suitable remedial action over any such incidents.

We are always vigilant over inappropriate profiles and incorrect information. We take prompt action, as and when the same comes to our notice.

We hereby advise all members to take all necessary precautions and be a little more cautious and vigilant in interacting with other members on the site.

You can undertake the following steps to create a safe and secure environment.

1. Always Keep your account information safe. Never share it (user id, password) with anyone. Our support team will never ask for these details from any users.

2. While deliberating on a marriage proposal, always Use your best judgment and carry out necessary background checks. Obtain as many details as possible.

3. Taking or obtaining personal favors in such relations is very hazardous. Do not offer or accept any help on transportation of unknown goods, financial help, a deposit of funds etc on behalf of others.

4. Always involve your family members, near dears and friends as per requirement while moving forward in such relationships. Your people should always know what are you going through. There should be nothing SECRET about it.

5. Desist from sharing your vital information on open forums of social sites or fake sites.

6. Always notify our support team in case you ever feel anything suspicious about any member, his/ her profile or any circumstances. It will help us to serve you better and take appropriate actions against the nuisance creators.

शाकद्वीपीय मैट्रीमोनी पर पंजीकरण कैसे किया जाए। पंजीकरण करने में किन किन समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ सकता है, तथा उनका समाधान क्या है ? इन सभी विषयों पर यहाँ चर्चा की जा रही है।

शाकद्वीपीय मैट्रीमोनी,  शाकद्वीपीय ब्राह्मणों द्वारा चलायी जा रही एक स्वैच्छिक ऑनलाइन संस्था है, जहाँ समाज की वैवाहिकी जरूरतों को पूरा करने की निःशुल्क कोशिश की गई है।

शाकद्वीपीय मैट्रीमोनी पर पंजीकरण तथा संभावित पार्टनर की खोज कैसे करें, इसकी जानकारी प्राप्त करने की लिए कृपया निम्न लिंक पर क्लिक करें।

शाकद्वीपीय मैट्रीमोनी पर पंजीकरण तथा संभावित पार्टनर की खोज