Joined Hands To Serve Him

You can Serve God if You are Serving Others

We stand here at this forum joining our hands together to serve our brethren. This is What We feel is the purpose of our existence. Often We tend to forget the cause for which our Lord, the God Surya has sent us on this beautiful planet as his ‘Ansh’. But We will stand and fulfill the purpose for which we are sent. As a Community initiative, We will help our members in their matrimonial search through our Website ‘Shakdwipi Matrimony‘.

We will do it.
We will serve our Lord.
We will serve our people as a team.

दातव्यमिति यद्दानं दीयतेऽनुपकारिणे |
देशे काले च पात्रे च तद्दानं सात्विकं स्मृतम् ||

That gift which is given out of duty, at the proper time and place, to a worthy person, and without expectation of return, is considered to be charity in the mode of goodness.


RS Pandey

RS Pandey


Hi, I’m a retired engineer. Now my time is devoted to offering my services as a Consultant in my specialties and in showcasing my aspirations to help people through social works. Blogging fascinates me and I spent a lot of time, when free. Jay Bhaskar !!

Sunita Pandey

Sunita Pandey


A dedicated housewife, proud mother, and social worker, I feel privileged to engage in social services where I can help people to make their life more beautiful. I am a Shakdwipiya Brahmin and I am proud of my Ethnicity. Jay Bhaskar !!

Pt. Umakant Pathak

Pt. Umakant Pathak


Graduated in Computer Science, found Astrology & Vedic Karma fascinates me. On fostering my inspirations, I’m bewildered with the science of prediction and magnanimity of the teachings of Veda. I’m a proud Shakdwipiya brahmin. Jay Bhaskar !!

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