Jyotish Caste and Sakaldwipi Brahmin Same or Not, can be answered by studying the biopic of the legendary astrologist of ancient times, Varahmir, who was a Sakaldwipi brahmin.

Varahmir was by his profession a renowned JYOTISHI and one may refer him belonging to Jyotish caste.


People who practiced astrology, normally belongs to the brahmin caste and the Sakaldwipi brahmins were predominantly practitioners of astrological science, the Ayurveda, the Trantra-Mantra and astronomical science.

As one goes on reading the history, because of their specialty in ‘Jyotish Shastra’ or astrological science, Sakaldwipi brahmins were slowly started to be recognized as the brahmins of Jyotish Caste. However in the caste system one should always remember that there is no mention of any caste or sub caste by the name of ‘Jyotish Caste’.

It is mere a recognition to the Sakaldwipi brahmins that they were the Jyotish Gurus or Jyotish Pandits, who were well versed in the science of predictions of present, past and future of a subject.

Astrology Sakaldwipiya

Sakaldwipi brahmins are also nick named as Shakdwipiya brahmins, Maga brahmins, Bhojak brahmins etc.

Basically these sect of brahmins were Sun worshiper from the ancient times, and were recognized being well versed in the science of Ayurvedic medicines, Astrology and Astronomy. They were predominately a Vedic scholars.

In the mythology, Shakdwipiya brahmins are said to be brought in India by Lord Krishna from Shakdwip during Dwapar Yuga, to treat his son who was suffering from ‘Kusht disease’ (Leprosy). So they are not original inhabitant of erstwhile ‘Akhand Bharat’.

The Vedic scriptures of Hindu cult refers the Sun as the center of power of celestial bodies known as planet in the planetary system. Sakaldwipi brahmins were Sun worshiper and are well known to have established various sun temples in India and worked their as priest.

Though the science of prediction known as Jyotish Shastra or Astrology have been practiced mainly by the brahmin community of different sub sects like Kanyakubj, Sarswat, Gaur brahmins etc. and many more also, the Sakaldwipi brahmins have been traditionally practicing Jyotishi (Astronomy) as profession from their generation to generation from the time immemorial.

The Sakaldwipi brahmins because of their dynastic practice of Jyotish Shastra, which was also known as the art of prediction, have been identified as the family of JYOTISHI. Thousands of Sakaldwipi Brahmins, having their surname as “Jyotishi” are even today found mostly in state of Jharkhand, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujrat etc…

Since the time unknown, some people have been referring Sakaldwipi brahmins as a caste of Jyotishi, therefore it is not unfounded or incorrect to say that they belonged to Jyotishi caste (though such caste by name never existed).

In the light of above discussion and the facts, thus it can be safely concluded that the Jyotish Caste and Sakaldwipi Brahmin are the Same and one entity only.

Jay Bhaskar !!